Online Registration

***The online registration system will be down for maintenance Thursday, March 23 and Friday March 24. Please do not try to register students during this time.***

Welcome to the online registration system for Logansport Community School Corporation. 

Our online registration allows a parent/guardian to pre-register his/her new student for LCSC schools or update a returning student's information for the upcoming school year. This will save you time for registering a new student or verifying your student's information each year. 
If you are registering a new student, completing the online portion is the first step in the process. Your child is NOT enrolled in school until you come to your child's school with the proper paperwork and complete the registration process. 


To make the returning student registration easier, we have implemented a new single-sign-on system for returning student registration. You will register your child(ren) through our PowerSchool Parent Portal. We no longer send out letters with this login information and you must have a Parent Portal account to register your student.  Please allow 24 hours after creating your Parent Portal account and adding your child to your account before going through the registration process. If you do not have the information to add your child, you will have to call your child's school, the school they will be attending this fall, for assistance. Instructions on how to create a Parent Portal account can be found on the Parent Portal website at

ssoarrowTo register your child(ren), login to the Parent Portal and click on the Applications icon in the upper right-hand corner of web page (as shown in the image on the left) and then the “Registration Gateway-Information Update” link. This will take you to the Information Update site to begin the registration process.  

Online registration for returning students will open July 18, 2017.

  1. New Student Registration is only for new students to LCSC. If you attended a Logansport School at the end of school last school year, you are considered a returning student even if you are going to a different school. Students that moved away last year before the end of school and are returning to a Logansport school this year are considered a new student. Please do not use the New Student Registration to register a returning student or you will need to re-enter the information on our Returning Student Registration website.
  2. During the online registration process, you will be asked to provide information about the items below.  After you have completed the online portion of registration, you will need to bring the following with you to complete the process at the school your child will be attending (Printable guide Click Here):

    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Records
    • Social Security Card
    • Any Medical Information  about your child
    • Transportation needs such as addresses for pick up and/or drop off location, including day care  information
    • Emergency Contacts and Phone Numbers
    • Any court ordered custody information
    • Proof of residency such as a phone bill or utility bill
    • If your child attended another school,  any academic records from that school 
  3. Please click on New Student Registration below to register a new student and follow the instructions online.
  4. Please remember to go to your child's school to complete the registration process. 


                                                                          (New Students Only)